Steve Ingham Jamie Pringle Rosie Mayes podcast

001: Rosie Mayes, Jamie Pringle join Steve Ingham to discuss rise in performance sport in UK

Episode #1 Panel Discussion (Part 1 of 3)

In Episode #1, Steve Ingham, Jamie Pringle, and Rosie Mayes tackle the evolution of the UK High Performance System. This progression saw the UK move from ranking 36th on the medal table in the 1996 Olympics to an impressive 2nd place in the Rio Olympics 2016. The discussion illuminates the UK’s journey in pinpointing early areas of excellence, its rise from setbacks, and the establishment of a unique identity, methodology, and network.

The conversation begins by highlighting the UK’s high-performance milestones. The early stages were marked by learning from early achievers like Boardman and Keen and the search for pioneering specialists. Emphasis is laid on innovation and building from scratch, and the strategic importance of guarding competitive edges. A pivotal point addressed is how losses acted as catalysts, prompting increased funding and a system overhaul. Although there was professionalism, marked by athletes, coaches, and staff dedicating full time, there was an evident lack of focus. As support services started taking shape, they began asserting their stance, reflecting growth and maturity. The episode concludes by hinting at the subsequent episode’s theme, spotlighting the momentum gained from being awarded the home games.

Show notes

1:10 UK High performance achievements
2:20 Where did it all start?
5:25 Capturing nuggets from early achievers (Boardman/Keen)
8:25 Searching for early specialists
10:55 Creating and innovating from nothing
13:05 Protecting competitive advantage
14:30 Losing acting as an accelerator for funding and system change
17:55 Professional (funding allow athletes, coaches and staff to train/work full-time) but lacking focus
19:25 Support services in their infancy – the baby begins to develop
20:55 The baby learns to speak and say no for the first time
21:55 Into the next episode – the acceleration provided by being awarded the homes games

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