Steve Ingham Jamie Pringle Rosie Mayes podcast

003: Rosie Mayes, Jamie Pringle join Steve Ingham to talk sustaining high performance

Steve Ingham, Jamie Pringle, Rosie Mayes, discuss the rise of Uk High Performance System that has gone from 36th on the medal table in 1996 Olympics to 2nd at the Rio Olympics in 2016, becoming a global sporting superpower. This episode discusses what are the common trends in successful high performing systems and looks forward as to how performance can be sustained.

4:00 What are the determining factors of a successful system?
6:11 What are the things from other performance environments you would find which are similar to the British system irrespective of context and culture?
9:00 Jamie plays devil’s advocate – if we had unlimited resources what would we do with that money?
18:12 Where might we want to see future investment for competitive advantage if we had unlimited resources?
19:05 If we travelled forward 100 years, what would we want to see long term residing in high performance sport system that is successful?
23:53 If we travelled back100 years, to 1917, what would have astounded our contemporaries?

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