Vern Gambetta podcast

004: Vern Gambetta on a career at the front line of coaching

In this episode, Vern Gambetta discusses his rich experience on the frontlines of coaching. Starting with a light-hearted debate on whether he’s considered a “guru” or “legend”, the conversation then shifts to how Vern was introduced to sports. He reflects on the significance of role models in his life and advocates for adopting a generalist approach rather than specialising too early.

Vern shares his thoughts on understanding the nuances and commonalities across different sports, emphasizing the importance of open-mindedness and not making premature assumptions. He addresses concerns regarding the declining physical literacy in younger generations. The discourse then pivots to optimising training sessions and crafting an athlete’s journey from youth to professional levels.

A major highlight of the conversation is the delicate balance between art and science in coaching, especially when it comes to avoiding premature specialisation. Vern stresses the necessity of equipping coaches with better resource management skills. He further elaborates on the themes of early specialisation versus generalism. Citing his love for history, Vern constantly seeks to trace back techniques and coaching methodologies to their origins, underlining his commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

2:32 Guru or legend?!
5:42 How Vern got into sport
8:07 Role models
10:43 Be a generalist not a specialist
13:10 It’s still the human body, what are the differences and similarities between the different sports?
16:12 Maintaining an open-mindedness. Don’t make assumptions!
17:50 Generations of young people with negligible physical literacy
20:14 Training sessions – how do we get more out of what we do?
21:38 How do you design somebody’s journey from youth to senior athlete?
25:02 Avoiding early specialisation – the conflict between art and science
31:00 We need to educate the coaches to be better managers the resources they have.
31:58 Early specialisation and generalising – what’s required?
36:06 I am a student of history, continually asking where did this technique/coach come from?
37:01 Passionate about getting better at getting better

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