Vern Gambetta podcast

004: Vern Gambetta on a career at the front line of coaching

2:32 Guru or legend?!
5:42 How Vern got into sport
8:07 Role models
10:43 Be a generalist not a specialist
13:10 It’s still the human body, what are the differences and similarities between the different sports?
16:12 Maintaining an open-mindedness. Don’t make assumptions!
17:50 Generations of young people with negligible physical literacy
20:14 Training sessions – how do we get more out of what we do?
21:38 How do you design somebody’s journey from youth to senior athlete?
25:02 Avoiding early specialisation – the conflict between art and science
31:00 We need to educate the coaches to be better managers the resources they have.
31:58 Early specialisation and generalising – what’s required?
36:06 I am a student of history, continually asking where did this technique/coach come from?
37:01 Passionate about getting better at getting better

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