Emilie Thienot podcast

005: Emilie Thienot on mindfulness

18:18 Go out there, meet people, do something!

19:50 Overtime if I want something I don’t give up because I know it will happen. If I work hard and smartly I will see results.

20:40 Back to the UK, the UK system and the British Sailing team.

23:08 The psychology of sailing, how do you support them? Freeing the mind to make good decisions.

24:00 Unlocking potential – removing psychological barriers.

28:38 Communication as a team – who do they want to be as a team, underpinning values and translating to behaviours. Trust and honesty at the foundation.

32:02 The skill of resetting and the ability to adapt in the moment.

33:46 Mindfulness – what is it? The ability to be aware of what is going on in the moment, in a non judgemental way.

36:39 What does mindfulness do? What’s the performance advantage?

39:45 Accepting of negative thoughts and being able to notice the difficult feelings coming in, taking a helicopter view, diffuse and choose something else to refocus on, rather than fighting with the negative thoughts.

42:18 Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3 of mindfulness.

43:03 Benefits and results of mindfulness application.

44:15 The neuroscience behind mindfulness.

47:43 Daily integration and an earlier adoption creates a more robust, ingrained technique.

49:50 Emilie’s work, unlocking potential in sports and business. Using tools from the elite athlete world and applying to the corporate world.

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