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007: Jenny Rogers on Coaching

Jenny Rogers: Coaching Episode #7

2:20 Where it all started? Jenny’s teaching career and her ‘development itch!’
5:30 Where did it all start? The BBC & finding Delia Smith!
11:20 Where did the development of others start?
16:20 Becoming commissioning editor for The Open College, Jenny’s introduction to consulting and organisational behaviour
19:20 The beginnings of one to one work and executive coaching
20:00 Becoming a coach full-time and leaving the BBC
22:00 What is the coaching that Jenny provides?
23:58 “The slippery-ness of the human approach to change’
26:15 The power of coaching – examples
31:11 Jenny’s top tips for people new to coaching
35:50 This isn’t working – working in the moment and developing a different kind of conversation
37:10 Stepping outside of the conversation, navigating the difficult childhoods. Treading dangerous waters. Super-champions, high performing executives and their emotional lies
42:10 Supporting sporting systems and what executive coaching can offer sport
44.40 Coaching sessions…holding a space, nudging, challenging and laughter
46:20 Support for coaches
51:20 Jenny’s writing compulsion
53:34 A Coaching Handbook – stay curious and stay self-aware
59:09 Top tips for writing and Jenny’s book in progress…Career Coaching

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Coaching Skills: The Definitive Guide to Being a Coach (McGraw Hill, 2017)

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