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007: Jenny Rogers on Coaching

Jenny Rogers: Coaching Episode #7

In Episode #7, Jenny Rogers delves deep into her journey from teaching to becoming a prominent figure in the coaching realm.

Jenny’s initial tryst with her career began in teaching, which she refers to as her ‘development itch’. Her trajectory took a fascinating turn when she ventured into the BBC, leading her to discover Delia Smith. As she explored different roles, Jenny tapped into the realm of fostering others’ growth.

Her stint as a commissioning editor for The Open College introduced her to consulting and organisational behaviour, marking a pivotal moment in her career. This period marked the dawn of her involvement in one-to-one work, eventually leading her to take a bold step: leaving the BBC to pursue coaching full-time.

Jenny dives deep into the essence of her coaching, discussing the human approach’s intricacies to change and illustrating the transformative power of coaching with real-life examples. For those venturing into coaching, Jenny offers invaluable advice, emphasizing the need for adaptability and agility when confronted with unanticipated challenges. She touches upon the importance of understanding clients deeply, even when that means navigating their difficult pasts.

The conversation also highlights the synergy between executive coaching and the sporting realm. Jenny underscores the essence of a coaching session, which involves creating a safe space for clients, subtly pushing their boundaries, presenting challenges, and, most importantly, infusing laughter and light-heartedness.

She also touches upon the need to provide robust support to coaches themselves, ensuring they remain at the top of their game. Jenny’s fervour for writing shines through as she talks about her “writing compulsion”, culminating in her ‘Coaching Handbook’, which she hopes will inspire coaches to remain ever-curious and self-aware. The episode wraps up with Jenny offering tips for budding writers and teasing her forthcoming book on career coaching.

2:20 Where it all started? Jenny’s teaching career and her ‘development itch!’
5:30 Where did it all start? The BBC & finding Delia Smith!
11:20 Where did the development of others start?
16:20 Becoming commissioning editor for The Open College, Jenny’s introduction to consulting and organisational behaviour
19:20 The beginnings of one to one work and executive coaching
20:00 Becoming a coach full-time and leaving the BBC
22:00 What is the coaching that Jenny provides?
23:58 “The slippery-ness of the human approach to change’
26:15 The power of coaching – examples
31:11 Jenny’s top tips for people new to coaching
35:50 This isn’t working – working in the moment and developing a different kind of conversation
37:10 Stepping outside of the conversation, navigating the difficult childhoods. Treading dangerous waters. Super-champions, high performing executives and their emotional lies
42:10 Supporting sporting systems and what executive coaching can offer sport
44.40 Coaching sessions…holding a space, nudging, challenging and laughter
46:20 Support for coaches
51:20 Jenny’s writing compulsion
53:34 A Coaching Handbook – stay curious and stay self-aware
59:09 Top tips for writing and Jenny’s book in progress…Career Coaching

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Coaching Skills: The Definitive Guide to Being a Coach (McGraw Hill, 2017)

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