Steve Ingham Jamie Pringle Rosie Mayes podcast

008: Rosie Mayes, Jamie Pringle join Steve Ingham to talk culture

In this episode I am joined once again by Rosie Mayes, and Jamie Pringle to talk culture in high performance sport and in the wider world of business and education.

1:30 Why are we talking about culture?
5:17 Could you put culture on a dashboard of metrics?
6:45 How quickly can you pick up on a culture?
11:04 Whose responsibility is culture?
13:15 Process review
18:17 Culture as a determinant of performance
20:00 Early experiences, environment culturing achievement
22:00 If culture is poor how does it manifest in people?
23:40 Getting the balance right between under or over investment in peak performance and stress
29:45 The responsibility and potential for those in charge in leadership
36:20 Rosie as a benchwarmer – but served a key role in team dynamics
37:50 Coach decisions and responses on a day to day basis that define culture
41:30 Projecting and ownership of pressures
44:15 Sensitive moments in performance, such as selection and de-selection
47:00 Can you get more and do it well?
50:30 Purpose, autonomy and mastery
53:00 High performance habits for all
1:02:00 How does sport influence culture and culture influence sport?
1:07:00 How do you tap into and lead “the way it works around here”
1:10:40 Key insights into optimising culture

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