Steve Ingham Jamie Pringle Rosie Mayes podcast

008: Rosie Mayes, Jamie Pringle join Steve Ingham to talk culture

In this engaging episode, the host is joined by Rosie Mayes and Jamie Pringle to delve deep into the intricate subject of culture in high-performance sports, business, and education.

Starting with a fundamental question of why culture is essential, the trio contemplates the measurability of culture and how swiftly one can gauge it in a given environment. An important topic of discussion is the onus of shaping culture – is it a top-down mandate or a collective responsibility?

As they navigate through the topic, they identify culture as a critical determinant of performance. Their conversation touches upon the early environmental influences that nurture achievement and the visible manifestations in individuals when the culture is not conducive.

One of the vital aspects discussed is the balance between investment in peak performance and managing stress. Leaders’ roles come into sharp focus, highlighting their potential and responsibility in shaping organizational culture. Rosie shares personal anecdotes about her time as a “benchwarmer,” underscoring the sometimes underrated importance of various roles in team dynamics.

Day-to-day coaching decisions, the projection of pressures, and handling sensitive moments, such as player selections and de-selections, play pivotal roles in culture definition.

The discourse delves into the concept of achieving more while ensuring quality, the triumvirate of purpose, autonomy, and mastery, and cultivating high-performance habits that apply universally.

A symbiotic relationship emerges as the conversation shifts towards the interplay between sports and culture – how each influences the other. Towards the end, the trio shares insights on embracing and leading the unique ways things function in different setups and offer pearls of wisdom on optimizing culture.

1:30 Why are we talking about culture?
5:17 Could you put culture on a dashboard of metrics?
6:45 How quickly can you pick up on a culture?
11:04 Whose responsibility is culture?
13:15 Process review
18:17 Culture as a determinant of performance
20:00 Early experiences, environment culturing achievement
22:00 If culture is poor how does it manifest in people?
23:40 Getting the balance right between under or over investment in peak performance and stress
29:45 The responsibility and potential for those in charge in leadership
36:20 Rosie as a benchwarmer – but served a key role in team dynamics
37:50 Coach decisions and responses on a day to day basis that define culture
41:30 Projecting and ownership of pressures
44:15 Sensitive moments in performance, such as selection and de-selection
47:00 Can you get more and do it well?
50:30 Purpose, autonomy and mastery
53:00 High performance habits for all
1:02:00 How does sport influence culture and culture influence sport?
1:07:00 How do you tap into and lead “the way it works around here”
1:10:40 Key insights into optimising culture

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