009: Yann Le Meur on Infographics

This week’s episode features an interview with Dr Yann Le Meur, physiologist and creator of the infographic phenomenon.
2:28 Yann Le Meur – training strategies – tennis/triathlon, improving fitness, sport science & Rodger Federer
7:09 Studying Sport Science, PE teacher, exercise physiology/
13:00 Heat altitude training, recovery nutrition provided a breadth and grounding in sport. 13:25 Synchronised swimming, modern pentathlon – working with national team and high level athletes
14:30 Act as a chameleon! Adaptation
15:42 Infographics – a way of explanation, communication and interaction
18:00 Teaching to make information – infographics
20:00 Elite sports teams in France
21:00 Consultancy and performance improvement
24:20 Applied sports career top tips, fairness, relationships & hard work
25:35 Create a network, work hard and challenge yourself create opportunities to create a good reputation
27:50 Opportunities in sport
31:10 Infographic stats: first began August 2014, 200 per year, 70,000 Twitter followers
32:20 No-one was reading my paper!! A simplification of the message = infographics was born
37:00 Infographic promotes what is new in sport science, the infographic is not enough, it is a simplification of the full paper which should be read
40:23 Different levels of evidence – info graphics have limitations

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