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010: Toni Minichiello on communication with athletes

In this episode I talk to long standing colleague, coach and friend Toni Minichiello, coach to one of the World’s greatest athletes Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill. I’ve worked with Toni since 2001 and while we’ve talked about everything and anything over the years, it was fascinating to capture his thoughts about the key area of communication, his thoughts, ideas, techniques and how they have evolved over the years;

Show notes
1:33 Communication and conveying knowledge and ideas for maximum impact
2:18 Gleaning information from the athletes of different ages/abilities/experience
5:25 Athletes critiquing themselves negatively
6:10 Toni Minichiello’s coaching style
6:40 Communication assumptions!
8:33 High performers and communication
8:55 Finding a mutual vocabulary/language
12:55 Motivational styles and mindsets
17:00 Succinct information at critical points…deliver two points
20:00 Motivation, confidence…pushing the positive
20:40 The coach has to make the decision based on your knowledge and experience of the athlete…coach what you see
23:45 Working/communicating with a coach…add value!

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