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018: Chrissie Wellington on becoming four time World Ironman Champion

Chrissie Wellington OBE four time World Ironman Triathlon Champion and holder of the three world ironman records shares her experiences of performing at the top end of world triathlon.

Chrissie spoke at the Supporting Champions Conference in March 2018 and gave such a stirring speech I was keen to catch up further with her to share her story on the podcast and explore some of the areas she spoke about so passionately about at our event.

In this interview Chrissie shares her journey into becoming professional, what it was like on the start line, during the races and crossing the finish line. Importantly Chrissie talks about what becoming World Champion meant to her and how she utilised it for greater good.

Chrissie is a powerful, soulful and inspirational person with an infectious enthusiasm. But equally she is deeply thoughtful, considerate and hopeful about how she approaches life and her legacy.


Show notes
Episode #18
1:40 Supporting Champions Conference (March 19/20 2019) update
5:50 Early beginnings in sport, driven, determined a perfectionist but channelled.
9:35 Trying out triathlon
11:30 A dislike for mediocrity!
15:10 Be brave enough to explore your talents
17:50 Physical environment, financial support, medical support combined with drive and agency create what is needed to succeed
19:55 No expectation or pressure for the first World Ironman attempt
21:20 Late qualification, accommodation half way up the volcano, a broken pedal – not the perfect prep but racing with no expectation.
24:30 Goal setting focus on process rather than victory
26:33 “Chrissie you’re going to win this!”
29:50 A sense of euphoria
31:30 The process of an ironman equates to the rollercoaster of life: extreme highs and lows
32:45 The importance and the power of sport to create change
36:50 Rabbit in the headlights
38:40 Withdrawal from an Ironman due to illness
41:20 2011 bike accident led to ‘just a flesh wound’ and the freedom to race
46:00 Giving everything and being capable of overcoming more than Chrissie ever believed she could
48:06 Characteristics and traits
49:20 What’s next…family, Parkrun, public speaking and ambassador for a range of companies
52:20 Ultra running!
53: 20 Raising a passionate, effervescent, confident, empathetic and adventurous child
56:20 Making mistakes & being emotional showing our imperfect selves
57:30 80 year old self advice: you are capable of so much more than you think. To strive, to keep reaching and to be kind to your self
59:00 Find out more about Chrissie:
Twitter @chrissiesmiles
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