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020: Harvey Galvin on change, transformation and adapting self

Harvey Galvin epitomises all that Supporting Champions represents, but he has no gold medal to show for his efforts, no affiliation with a top performer, in fact his story is one about not making it in his chosen field of sport. He tried and he tried again, he grafted, he applied entrepreneurial spirit, he made opportunities but it didn’t work out.
During that time Harvey explored his purpose, what makes him happy, his drivers, the need to be adaptable and tenacious, the potential sacrifices and choices he’s willing and not willing to make along the way.

Ultimately, Harvey switched career away from his initial intended choice of sport. But there was a particular reason that I got in touch with Harvey to ask him to come on the podcast, and that was because he was starting to share his story in support of others who might be in a similar situation and I thought that was a story worth sharing

Show notes

3:17 Conference early bird tickets – you’ve got 4 weeks to book your place at the discounted rate
3:45 Introduction to this week’s interview – Harvey Galvin
5:40 Failing in sport, you always hear about working hard and the successes
10:00 Not asking for help and support and therefore failing my dissertation – the best thing that ever happened to me
11:30 Channelling and building resources in order to work at a voluntary based support sports groups
14:00 Academic sport science courses require additional experience working with actual athletes rather than theoretical
15:45 Having a purpose and a passion is all well and good however being flexible and agile allows acquired skills to be applied to a range of opportunities
17:45 What is your life purpose?
18:25 Focussing on purpose focusses on what you haven’t got and drives you backwards
19:43 The players and the coaches will begin to see the value of sport scientist eventually
22:20 Being strategic and finding a university with greater opportunities
24:19 Gaining experience full time at the Lawn Tennis Association
26:30 A lack of communication leads to a contract at the LTA not being renewed
28:38 Applying for 100s of jobs and not getting an interview
31:38 Making sacrifices, money, location and time understanding which sacrifices are worth making
34:40 Re-evaluating life, trying to be the person you say you are and using actions to back those up
35:50 You can let things happen to you, or you can say that chapters done and start something new
37:30 Having a heart condition and the addition of stress is not a good combination
40:10 ‘Hard work will get you what you want’ is a narrative that makes you feel good, in reality try to find skills that you are talented at hard work isn’t everything
41:39 Habit making and failing to maintain a habit
44:40 The benefits of journaling and writing, particularly when having a thought time unhelpful thoughts can be recalibrated against your previous experiences written down
45:25 Passion is not how you choose your career, it’s what you’re good at
54:30 Key lesson from sales and influencing people: Learning to get out of your own narrative in order to frame you solution
57:40 The skills and hard work required to be successful in sport science are easily transferable to other professions
58:40 Have confidence that you will be able to do something else if the job disappears or changes and you will be ok
59:33 Everything you do is selling, you’re selling your worth
1:00:10 Ask the question, don’t be a mind reader be a sponge
1:02:30 If you can coach, or bring information and distil it making it useful you can do well in any industry

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