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025: Highlights of 2018 podcasts

I take a look back at some of the highlights from the last year of interviews and discussions about high performance. The show is grouped into 5 common themes across all of the episodes: early career experiences and getting started, working with others, embracing change, thriving and looking at the bigger picture in life and leadership.

Show Notes
0:10 – Get Started
2:10 – Emilie Thienot from Ep #5 on getting experience, creating opportunities and breakthrough.
3:24 – David Fletcher from Ep #6 on internships, studying and applied practice
4:29 – Jamie Pringle from Ep #19 on understanding the context of what, where, and who you’re working with.
6:02 – Lucy Balfour from Ep #13 about her passion for pursuing her dreams in the performing arts and developing resilience.

7:31 – Working with Others
8:40 – Adam Conlon from Ep #15 on working as the first response team in disaster zones, getting face to face with people and developing trust, empathy and rapport.
10:45 – Harvey Galvin from Ep #20 about getting out of your own narrative, listening to what other people need and asking questions before offering your own predetermined solution.
11:58 – Liz Stokoe from Ep #12 about conflict, the importance of choice of language and how to negotiate with people.
13:01 – Toni Minichiello from Ep #10 on how critical it is to add value with your work for performance improvement.
14:18 – Rosie Mayes from Ep #22 discusses the future of leadership and the necessity of individualising and understanding relationships.

15:01 – Thriving
16:01 – Barry Fudge from Ep #16 on keeping your nerve in volatile, complex and fast-moving environments. Others will look to leaders to role model behaviours in these environments.
17:34 – Emilie Thienot from Ep #5 on how important self-awareness is in understanding how we respond and react in positive and negative situations.
18:55 – Rosie Mayes from Ep #22 discusses the principles of stress adaptation in sport to failing fast and learning in business.
20:40 – Jo Meek from Ep #11 about anticipating the problems ahead of time and having a pre-planned response so that performance sustains.
21:14 – Adam Conlon from Ep #15 discusses performing and training under pressure, being calm in chaos and performing with lives on the line in the army.
22:54 – Working with Change
23:57 – Tim Harper from Ep #24 on building performance capacity, ridding the ego and switching our thinking away from more is better.
26:04 – Tess Morris Paterson from Ep #21 on how she decided on moving away from elite sport and creating change toward a career in space exploration.
28:16 – Steve Ingham from Ep #22 about the similarity between physical and mental effort preceding the adaptive response to improve.
28:56 – Yann Le Meur from Ep #9 on the importance of relationships, work ethic and challenging yourself.

29:43 – Big Picture
30:40 – Harvey Galvin from Ep #20 about reflecting, staying grounded and reframing what it is to have a good day.
31:49 – Chrissie Wellington from Ep #18 about turning her focus from her victories to championing change in society.
32:44 – Barry Fudge from Ep #16 on finding purpose and passion and embracing the journey you are on.
33:50 – Vern Gambetta from Ep #4 discusses his passion for developing others and himself. Getting more out of learning and becoming more effective.
34:35 – Offering Thanks and Looking Forward to 2019 – Podcasts, Conference & Spotlight

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