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027: Brad Dieter on effective consulting

In this enlightening interview, Brad, an Exercise Physiologist, Molecular Biologist, and Biostatistician, delves into more than just his specialized fields. The conversation evolves into a discussion about life, work, and day-to-day performance habits, focusing on human function and performance.

Brad starts by sharing his background in biomechanics, molecular physiology, and epidemiology. He also talks about his journey into high-performance sectors, heading research and development for several consultancy firms he co-owns. Brad explains that early in his career, he sought opportunities that would hone his metacognition and skill acquisition while networking across industries to enhance his problem-solving skills.

One of Brad’s key observations is that successful people often spend more time asking questions than proposing solutions. He talks about the challenges of consultancy, emphasizing that clear communication is vital, especially when dealing with uncertainties.

Brad shares his approach to empowering clients through education, helping them become problem solvers in their respective fields. He talks about building a portfolio career founded on relationships, work ethic, and a growth mindset. According to Brad, self-awareness and empathy have been central to his success, as well as surrounding himself with good people.

On the topic of work-life balance, Brad mentions the importance of building assets in the form of relationships, skills, and knowledge, aiming to create value for the future. He emphasizes that achieving a life where you “do what you want to do rather than what you have to do” requires hard work and strategic planning.

Finally, Brad shares his top tips for those considering consultancy or a portfolio career:

  1. Prioritize quality output and hold yourself accountable.
  2. Maintain professionalism.
  3. Take initiative and act.

Brad’s future goal is to offer the best solutions to significant problems across various domains related to human health and performance.

Show Notes
3:21 – Focus, sleep and high-performance habits.
7:46 – Overview of Brad’s journey into high performance and biomechanics, molecular physiology and epidemiology. Brad now heads research and development for a number of consultancy firms that he co-own’s.
11:01 –In his early career, Brad purposely sought opportunities that would develop metacognition, skill acquisition and networked with different people in different industries to develop his ability to solve performance problems.
14:06 – Understanding concepts from human functioning. Transferring and applying the fundamental processes of these into performance domains.
16:43 – Brad’s observation of highly successful people: they spend a lot more time asking questions than proposing solutions.
20:16 – Navigating some of the difficulties in life as a consultant – selling uncertainty to people. Communicating clarity is key. We are trying to solve this problem once!
23:11– Empowering performers through education so that they can become problem solvers for the rest of their career in sport or business.
25:11 – Building and managing a portfolio career. Relationships, work ethic and a growth mindset at the core. Operating from a stable base and growing from that.
28:37 – Networking with a curious, inquisitive mind with the goal of meeting people with similar aspirations and values.
29:36 – Self-awareness and empathic qualities have been central to Brad’s performance and connecting with others as well has having good people around him.
31:28 – Work ethic, balancing work and family life. Brad discusses building assets, referring to relationships, companies, skill sets, knowledge, anything that gives you more value down the road.
35:45 – Working with the pulse of operating from a place that enables you to do what you want to do rather than what you have to do.  This requires a lot of hard work to set up!
37:31 – Brad’s top 3 tips for consultants and people considering a portfolio career: create and deliver the highest quality output and hold yourself accountable to it, be highly professional and take initiative and act.
43:23 – What is next for Brad? His goal is to provide the best answers to the biggest problems across variety human health and performance domains.

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