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032: Joe Eisenmann on long term athlete development

In the latest episode of the Supporting Champions podcast, host Steve delves into long-term athletic development with expert Joe Eisenmann. They start by discussing the importance of translating academic research into actionable insights. Joe shares his career experiences, including his shift towards health and disease-related research due to funding availability.

The conversation moves towards the holistic development of athletes, emphasizing collaboration between parents, coaches, and athletes. Joe introduces his concept of ‘the living lab,’ a framework for continuous improvement in athletic performance. The episode wraps up with Joe sharing his perspective on the importance of coach education and how quality of life should be a key metric for everyone.

Show Notes

3:25 – Steve and Joe start off by discussing the management of knowledge. Specifically, the translation and implementation of knowledge to ensure academic and practical impact.

8:48 – Steve starts to explore Joe’s journey and his experiences in the field of athlete development. But in particular a focus on Joe’s time studying and working in Carnegie 1 academic institutions, USA Football and in consultancy.

15:45 – Joe shares his passion for youth sport but tells Steve about the moment he realised his focus would have to shift to health and disease related research – where research funding was being provided.

19:33 – Joe parts with some of the major insights from his period of study into physical activity, sedentary behaviour, sleep, stress and genetics. Joe then highlights the overlapping concepts from this research and how there is overlap with long term athletic development.

23:00 – Steve and Joe then discuss how Joe supports athletes holistically. He stresses the importance of psychosocial development and the challenges associated with working as a unit with parents, coaches and athletes.

30:10 – Steve and Joe chat about doing the fundamentals of performance really well, silver bullet approaches, the specialist vs generalist concept and the important skills required to work in sport.

36:40 – Joe shares a concept he likes to talk about called ‘the living lab’ and how we collect, process, implement and review information and action. Steve and Joe then unpack the importance of relational and environmental concepts in developing talent.

41:04 – Joe emphasises the importance of coach education, the coach as a delivery system and the importance of pedagogy no matter the environmental conditions. They are leaders at the centre of an athlete’s sporting experience.

47:30 – Joe asks all of us, what is your quality of life? He believes this should be one of the most important metrics in life. A good exercise Joe suggests is to think about your ideal day.

50:13 – What is next for Joe? More of living in the moment, maintaining a good quality of life and making an impact on a daily basis with youth athletes wherever that might be.

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