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033: Antony Jinman, Polar Explorer on expeditions with purpose

In this enriching episode, Steve chats with Antony Jinman, a former Naval officer turned polar explorer. Antony holds the rare distinction of being the 12th Briton to ski to both the geographic North and South Poles. Throughout the episode, they delve into Antony’s intriguing background, his challenges with depression, and how he transitioned from Naval life to become an adventurer and entrepreneur.

The conversation kicks off with Antony sharing his early interests in nature and exploration. He reveals how he initially pursued a career as a Naval officer but eventually realized it wasn’t the path for him. This leads him to speak candidly about dealing with depression and how he managed it, emphasizing the importance of routines and self-care.

Upon leaving the Navy, Antony took a position with Explore Worldwide where he traveled extensively across Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. This job ignited his love for travel, education, and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. It’s here that he earned his expedition qualifications and began developing outreach programs for schools.

One of the most illuminating parts of the podcast is when Antony delves into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to plan and execute an expedition. Not only does he have to focus on physical training, but he also has to manage the complex logistics, secure funding, and more. Yet, what shines through is his clear sense of purpose: to inspire, educate, and connect with others, particularly school children.

Steve also gets Antony to share what an average day during one of his polar expeditions looks like. The explorer speaks about the overwhelming sense of wonder and accomplishment he feels when he arrives at the poles, calling these moments dreams come true.

Towards the end of the conversation, Antony talks about his latest initiative, Through this platform, he aims to connect professionals with schools and communities, striving to inspire and educate the younger generation. He wraps up by hinting at his future plans, which include a 6th trip to the Alps and Antarctica, alongside other undisclosed plans, while also acknowledging the environmental challenges these expeditions might entail.

Show Notes
2:45 – Steve and Antony begin by exploring Antony’s background and his early interest in nature and exploration.

6:00 – After school, Antony embarked on a career as a Naval officer and shares the moment he realised naval life wasn’t for him, opening up about his experiences of coping and managing depression.

11:40 – Antony shares some of the lessons he learnt from this difficult period and the Navy, including the importance of routines and self-care practices.

14:55 – So what next after the Navy? Antony started working for Explore Worldwide in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Here he found a passion for travel, learning and people whilst also gaining appropriate expedition qualifications and developing his own school outreach programmes.

19:13 – Antony begins to explain some of the demands of designing, funding and managing an expedition. It is clear his purpose for completing these expeditions is to inspire, connect and educate others, particularly children in schools.

31:00 – Antony delves further into the management of expeditions and shares some of the ways he divides his time across physical training and preparing logistically.

36:30 – Steve asks Antony, what is it like executing an expedition? What does a day look like on a polar expedition? Antony shares the sense of wonder, peace, overwhelming success and of dreams come true when he lands at the poles.

46:58 – Antony now dreams of connecting professions into schools and the wider community in order to educate, connect and inspire others through his enterprise at

51:40 – Antony is also planning a trip to the Alps and Antarctica for the 6th time in the next few years alongside some other secret plans! He also shares the potential and opportunity in future expeditions and some of the environmental challenges he may face there.

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