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034: Steve Ingham on developing performance people

Podcast #34 Show Notes – Performance People

In this insightful episode, host Steve focuses on the crucial topic of nurturing the next wave of professionals in the field of performance, drawing on his extensive experience with the British Olympic Association and the English Institute of Sport. As the founder of Supporting Champions, Steve addresses the glaring issue of the widening skill gap among graduates entering the workforce in various domains, from sports to business and education.

The episode starts with Steve revisiting his impactful “Letter to the 15,000” blog, originally published in 2015. This blog has resonated globally, garnering over 150,000 reads and shedding light on the disparities between academia and real-world professional settings. Here, Steve provides concrete advice to students preparing to transition into the job market, emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between academic learning and workplace requirements.

Around the 24-minute mark, Steve navigates the challenges that recent graduates often face as they enter the job market. He discusses how to set oneself apart in a competitive landscape, focusing on the importance of a robust online presence and the accumulation of meaningful work and life experiences.

At approximately 30 minutes into the episode, the conversation turns towards the next phase: what to do once you’ve secured a job. Steve describes the whirlwind nature of entering a new work environment and the need to adapt quickly. He talks about the immediate tasks at hand, such as understanding your role, expanding your network, and delivering effectively under pressure.

Towards the end, Steve confronts the increasingly concerning statistics around the growing gap between university education and employability. He encourages listeners to take proactive control of their career trajectories. According to Steve, the professional world is far from straightforward; it’s a fast-paced, pressure-filled, and often ambiguous landscape. He closes by discussing how Supporting Champions can help young professionals better prepare for these challenges, offering them a head start in their careers.

Show Notes

6:05 – Steve starts by sharing the “Letter to the 15,000” blog he first published in 2015 which has been read over 150,000 times across the world. The blog highlights the ever-growing concentrated graduate pool and the gaps between the education system and the workplace. Here, Steve offers advice and practical tips to those who are currently studying and preparing for life after university.

24:50 – Steve starts to explore the transition out of university into the workplace and the hurdles people encounter when applying for jobs, managing online presence, differentiating self from others and the importance of work and personal experience.

30:10 – So you have got the job? Now what? Steve talks about the chaotic start you will face whilst immersing yourself into your new role and environment. He emphasises the requirements of having to skill up quickly, find role clarity, broaden your network and all of this whilst still being incredibly effective under pressure.

35:10 – Steve highlights the startling facts behind the university-employment gap widening. and urges you to take action, ownership and responsibility of your career. The world of work is messy, ambiguous, fast moving and pressured. Find out how we can help you prime your knowledge in this area and get started.

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