Trent Stellingwerff sport nutritionist podcast

035: Trent Stellingwerff on nutrition and leadership

In the episode, host Steve and guest Trent Stellingwerff, a leading sports nutritionist, cover a wide range of topics. They start by reminiscing about their first meeting and discussing Trent’s personal life, including his marriage to a Canadian middle-distance runner. They talk about the importance of career variability, touching on the debate between generalism and specialism and how Trent has maintained his focus over the years.

The discussion then shifts to tacit knowledge, as Trent offers advice for young professionals, emphasizing the psychological and social aspects of athlete training. Trent also provides an overview of the current state of sports science in Canada, discussing the challenges like pseudoscience, entry barriers, and issues like energy expenditure and relative energy deficiency syndrome.

Towards the end, they explore the role of emotion and cultural identity on eating behavior and review some dietary trends. Trent shares key lessons from his career, such as the importance of understanding context, minimizing distractions, and holding oneself to high standards. The episode wraps up with Steve asking Trent about his future plans, making for an insightful and wide-ranging conversation.

3:46 – Steve and Trent begin by exploring their coaching backgrounds and Trent’s relationship with his wife, Hillary, a Canadian track and field middle distance runner.

22:50 – Trent emphasises the importance of variability in one’s life and career. Steve and Trent then explore the generalist vs specialist debate, gaining breadth and depth and how Trent has maintained his specialist knowledge across his career.

36:22 – Trent explores the concept of tacit knowledge and goes on to offer advice for young practitioners. He also begins to explore the variability of training, systematic overloads and the importance of the psychological and social journey.

43:45 – Trent offers insight into sport science’s state of play in Canada. He covers points around pseudoscience, barriers to entry, demonstrating impact, measuring energy expenditure/intake and relative energy deficiency syndrome.

57:07 – Steve and Trent highlight the importance of emotion and cultural identity on eating behaviour before examining some dietary trends.

1:07:00 – Trent offer lessons learnt from his career to date. These include being more measured, understanding context, minimising noise, holding himself accountable to the highest standards and driving impact in research and applied work.

1:14:16 – Lastly, Steve asks Trent what is next?

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