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040: Matt Dixon on customising training

Matt Dixon is a professional triathlon coach and founder of Purplepatch fitness. Matt is former professional triathlete and elite swimmer, now coach and has set up a highly successful performance training and coaching support business. Purple patch has a roster of numerous world class triathletes that Matt and his team of coaches have supported to hundreds of ironman and half ironman victories. But they also have a slogan of Performance Training for Time-Starved People which is fascinating as a growing group of their clientele are executives searching for an outlet and a health and performance goal but clearly having to manage work, life and their sporting endeavours.
Thanks to Andy Blow from Precision Hydration for putting me in touch with Matt. I caught up with Matt at his family home when I was speaking over in the US.

4:14 Triathletes – performance driven people
6:40 The intellectual challenge of triathlon
11:30 How to do a triathlon poorly!
12:20 The value of failing
13:45 Work ethic
14:24 Not allowed bottles on the pool deck…
16:54 It’s great to work hard but in order to maintain balance you need to recover
18:01 Why do we train?
19:23 Drop weight, drop weight drop weight…poor behaviours
21:19 My actions, my behaviours, my mistakes that proved fruitful
21:32 Subjects like strength & conditioning, nutrition and recovery were only given lip service
22:10 The barometer of success is more work
22:30 The four primary subjects of consistency endurance component, nutrition, recovery and strength & conditioning as an educational. Recovery is part of the programme – the Recovery Coach
24:22 Stressors – the components of recovery
25:40 Stress, recovery & adaptation
26:50 Supporting people that are ‘time starved’
29:45 How did Purple Patch start?
30:53 I want to change the way endurance sports are coached
33:24 The scaling problem – without diluting quality
33:49 Set up your business with multiple oils wells
37:28 Content marketing opens an environment of sharing globally
39:10 The best coaches to have worked with are those which have an environment of sharing
40:03 Elite and professional athletes unapologetically driving towards world class performance
41:19 Amateur athletes to improve but not at the expense of the other areas of your life
42:25 Purple Patch attract people that are time starved and high performers
43:56 Redefining what it takes to be successful
44:54 the classic sense for many coaches is to take a training programme and dump it on top of life
45:27 We don’t start with the training programme we start with life
46:40 The growth of executives searching for a sporting outlet
49:44 A training programme cannot be just about the prescription of training
51:04 Empowering athletes to make adjustments
52:04 Prescription is the first act of coaching, but it’s the execution of the why that is imperative
52:34 Purple Patch focus on triathletes but also globally performance driven individuals
56:58 Which habits keep you performing well?

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