043: Emma Hatton, West End star on sustaining performance

Emma Hatton star of the West End talks about her career, Emma has starred in some of the biggest musicals and lead roles, Scaramouche in We will Rock You, Elphaba in Wicked, Eva Peron in Evita and recently Grizabella in Cats. We discuss Emma’s origins as an athlete, the pull of performing on stage, the art form that Emma performs and how she does that, the persistence and knock backs, sustaining performance from a physical and mental perspective. I got in touch with Emma because I had an inkling that this world is extremely demanding and that Emma would be able to articulate that and I have to admit I found this interview utterly fascinating as Emma gave such rich insights into how she performs.

Show notes:
10:00 Emma’s origins as a long jumper, following her passion to study sport
17:08 Not sure what next, take a year out to do something interesting and fun – London School of Musical Theatre
18:17 The cost on personal relationships for Emma when aspiring for success in her career
22:12 Honouring Emma’s previous marriage by being extra determined to succeed
29:02 Early successes from Emma’s raw talent, feeling the music, learning to sing by listening to people
36:09 The determinants of musical theatre and the importance of connecting with the music
38:01 Pacing and sustaining performance to offset the cost of 8 shows each week
44:00 The responsibility of the roles balanced by the context of a paramedic sister
49:51 Portraying the characters appropriately
59:30 Acclimatising to the pressure of performing on the West End
1:04:30 Importance of social support
1:09:10 Preparation and focusing on what you can control
1:12:13 Coping with rejection
1:20:13 Pressure of the big notes and the external pressure of holding a role
1:23:50 Pressure to perform when you’re not physically or mentally 100%
1:33:00 Getting into the right mindset for performing and the benefit of having a sporting background, doing what it takes to get the performance out
1:42:20 Emma now supporting and championing others to learn from her insights

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