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044: Neil Chugani on leading as a coxswain, in sport governance and at Google

The episode provides an enlightening glimpse into Neil Chugani’s multifaceted career, from coxing Oxford’s crew to victory in 1991 to becoming Google’s Chief Financial Officer for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Neil has a unique perspective on leadership, both in sport and in business, drawing on his extensive experience.

Neil first gained recognition as a coxswain, a role that demands physical and mental fortitude as well as excellent watermanship. He discusses the responsibilities of a cox, including how one learns the role, the importance of keeping a cool head under pressure, and making swift decisions. A key highlight of his coxing career was leading Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell to a World Championship win in 2001, in what was known as the “Double-Double” challenge. The episode delves into how Neil managed to balance the events and the personalities involved.

As someone who has held leadership roles in various organizations such as the BBC, Sky Broadcasting, and UK Sport, Neil emphasizes the importance of clarity of thought, clarity of purpose, and continually evaluating performance against intentions. He finds these principles to be as applicable in business as they are in sports. However, Neil also notes the challenge of aligning individual objectives in a business setting, a contrast to the more unified focus found in sports teams.

Neil shares insights into decision-making at the board level, where understanding diverse perspectives is crucial. He advocates for a balanced approach to opportunities and risks, suggesting that leaders should focus more on the overall ‘climate’ rather than reacting to the ‘weather’ of immediate events.

His contributions to the Henley Royal Regatta, where he serves as a steward, reflect ongoing changes in the sport, including technological advances like live streaming.

Ultimately, the defining thread through the entire discussion is Neil’s deep-rooted belief in self and potential. His thoughtful and intentional approach to leadership has evidently been cultivated over a series of diverse experiences, positioning him as an authority on the subject.

Show notes
The physical requirements of a coxswain, personal characteristics and waterman ship

How do you learn to be a cox?

Cox heart rates, decision making and keeping a cool calm head

The Double-Double 2001 -managing Matthew Pinsent & James Cracknell and balancing the events

Neil’s two careers, one in rowing and the second in finance ….. and technology

Sporting applications into business for Neil are clarity of thought and, clarity of purpose and review of performance relative to intent

The myriad of individual objectives in business makes it difficult to create alignment between people in business which differs from a sporting world

Leadership roles in business and decision making

Decision making at the board level, understanding the perspectives of others, diversity

Management of decision making, balancing opportunities versus risk: focussing on the climate rather than the weather

Henley Royal Regatta – changes reflecting the nature of the sport today, live streaming etc

Self-belief: belief in your own potential

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