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046: Dawn Scott on supporting the USA women’s football team to successive World Cups

Dawn Scott, High Performance Coach to the USA women’s national football team, who happen to have won two successive World cup titles and Olympic gold in 2012, is this episode’s guest.

In this interview you’ll hear about Dawn’s journey from her early days grafting away with women’s football, taking a lead role at the English FA and then taking the leap to working with the US team. Critically you’l

In this episode, Dawn Scott, the High Performance Coach for the USA women’s national football team, shares valuable insights into her career and the remarkable success of the team, which has won two consecutive World Cup titles and an Olympic gold medal in 2012.

Dawn talks about her early involvement with women’s football, her significant role at the English FA, and her eventual transition to working with the powerhouse USA team. The discussion offers a behind-the-scenes look at the intense pressure that comes with competing in finals and how the sport has transitioned from relative obscurity to global prominence.

Show notes highlight Dawn’s educational background and her entry into the realm of Sport Science. She speaks about the journey from winning the World Cup with the USA team to returning to the rigors of training, focusing on nutrition and recovery. Dawn notes that when she started, applied jobs in sports science were not commonplace. Her initial work involved basic applied sport science, utilizing simple tools like paper and pencil wellness checks and basic heart rate monitoring.

In 2010, Dawn was approached by the USA team, a move that would mark a significant milestone in her career. She also shares some personal history, including being a Newcastle football fan, a passion she shared with her father.

One key to Dawn’s success at the national level is her approach to knowledge sharing, understanding her specific role, and finding her niche within the team dynamics. She emphasizes that the ultimate goal is always to impact the player’s performance positively.

Dawn explores the nuances of working with both the support team and the players, focusing on the individual temperament required during high-stakes matches. She underscores the importance of individualization—knowing the players well and equipping them appropriately for matches and recovery, even if it means going the extra mile.

This interview provides a comprehensive look into Dawn Scott’s role and the factors contributing to the USA women’s national football team’s astonishing successes.

l hear how it has been for Dawn under the spotlight of supporting the team under the big moments of the numerous finals the team have competed in. You’ll also hear about how it has felt growing with a sport that has emerged from obscurity to global prominence

The conversation was rich with insight about the pivotal moments when it all felt really fragile, when results and the outcome have felt like they’ve hung over everything, the team’s future, the coaching staff’s future and with that the prospects of the game.

Show notes

Dawn Scott background, education and route into Sport Science

World Cup win with the USA team, back to reality and training, nutrition and appropriate recovery

Overview of Dawn’s background and career progression

Applied jobs in sport science weren’t the norm!

Basic applied sport science, paper and pencil wellness and basic heart rate monitoring

The USA approached Dawn and she moved out in 2010

Dawn’s football background and being a Newcastle fan with her Dad

What got Dawn the job at a national level…?

Sharing your knowledge, understanding the process, what is your role in camp how do your define your role, find your niche and start to integrate your ideas?

It always has to be about the player, to impact them and their performance

Dawn discusses support team and individual temperament, what is required during match performances

Individualisation, knowing the players and how best to equip them for matches and for recovery. Going the extra mile.

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