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047: Josie Perry on the psychology of communication

Performance psychologist Dr Josie Perry is this episode’s guest. Josie has a successful consultancy service supporting endurance athletes, golfers tennis players, but she also has a rich background in communications. Originally a journalist, director of communications and public relations. Josie converted to psychology but what was fascinating about this interview was about the fusion of the two subjects of psychology and with that human behaviour, influencing and development, with the principles of communication and with that human behaviour, influencing and development. I caught up with Josie just a few days after the launch of her book Performing under pressure, which we also dive into.

Show notes

  • Background and journey to sport psychology, Monica Lewinsky, a PhD and working within communication
  • When delivering information, who is your audience?
  • How to frame a difficult conversation in a way that works for the other person.
  • Bridging from being a journalist on CBS new to being a sport psychologist
  • Having a brave list 
  • The having a baby, ironman, running a business and stage 2 training juggle!
  • Clarity and brevity of communication and the shift in communication style due to social media
  • Stories are powerful. What problem are you trying to solve and how can you utilise stories to enable your message?
  • Perfectionism
  • Josie’s book – The nine most common reasons athletes come to see me.
  • Start with what and then why?
  • Taking time, growing your business and being brave
  • The different elements of Josie’s consultancy which provide stability 1:1 work, writing and media training
  • Mantra that work, Josie’s mantra, “Make Hattie proud”
  • Josie’s lesson to her younger self

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