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049: Jason Laird on critical skills

Jason Laird has worked in Premiership football, ballet, judo and now gymnastics and as such is one of the most experienced physiotherapists in the UK.

What I have always admired about Jason is his ability to get to the crux of a matter and begin to explore it, develop solutions and adapt.

In this interview you’ll hear about Jason’s early passion for physiotherapy, we talk about doing the hard yards of professional experience, helping aspiring physios learn from his experience and mistakes, but above all what came through was a concept that so often gets overlooked  – the value he puts on working with people.

Show notes:

How and why did Jason choose to get into physiotherapy?

Routes into physiotherapy

Making mistakes, trialling, working creatively and learning

Broad general physiotherapy practice to Chelsea football academy, how did that happen?

Juggling roles, different environments and energy levels

Working in the Royal Ballet, thinking differently, asking ‘stupid’ questions and being open to not knowing

Judo to gymnastics – it’s all about the variety and the challenge

How do you deal and prepare for trauma

The balance of pushing through recovery and getting back to play, risk management and decision making

Physio chat!

Not creating dependency and building your client base

Supporting the next generation, developing and growing practitioner skills beyond the knowledge of physiology and sport

Jason lists the practitioner skills he feels are most important

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