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051: James Glover on intentionality

In this episode, business consultant James Glover delves into his multifaceted journey, from being a world champion white-water rafter to working in elite sports and eventually transitioning into the business world. James highlights how his athletic and sporting background allowed him to explore deeper facets of human performance, leading him to apply well-being and productivity principles to business environments.

James opens up about feeling disconnected during his university years, emphasizing the importance of finding one’s path rather than adhering to societal expectations. His career path was anything but predictable, and he shares how taking leaps of faith shaped his journey.

The discussion also covers the qualities required to be a world champion in white-water rafting and how the human experience contributes to individual and collective performance. Drawing parallels between elite sports and the business world, James talks about the stress that comes with extreme performance—whether in athletics or business—as a stimulant for adaptation and growth.

The episode explores the concept of “The Energy Project,” focusing on sustaining energy to achieve greater productivity and human vibrancy. James observes that there’s a deep respect in the business world for the kind of human endeavor expressed through sport, and he bridges the two worlds by applying sport-derived principles to business practices.

Overall, James Glover’s insights offer valuable lessons on risk-taking, understanding the nuances of stress and performance, and finding a fulfilling path by synthesizing experiences from different life arenas.


How are you feeling?…the vulnerability behind the question

James’ background

The predictability of career path is a turn off

Taking leaps of faith which pay off

Disengagement from the learning environment

The qualities required to be a world champion white water rafter

The human experience and contributions people make

Performance lifestyle and athlete support

Business demands and reflections

Extreme performance, stress being a stimulant for adaptation and growth for athletes but also other aspects of our lives

The transition between stress and distress

The leap taken towards The Energy Project

The reverence in business for sport and the power of human endeavour expressed through sport


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