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058: Phil Skiba on exercise and health during COVID-19 crisis

Phil Skiba on exercise and health during COVID-19 crisis

The next few special episodes of the podcast will break away from the normal regularity as we capture, produce and air some relevant content to the COVID-19 crisis.

In today’s special episode I talk to Dr Phil Skiba, Director of Sports Medicine for the Advocate Aurora Medical Group in Chicago, one of the largest in the United States and one of sharpest people I know – a true polymath, about the current crisis, his observations, his advice about us for general health, staying physically fit and training and more broadly our responsibilities to ourselves, each other and why and how this situation arose and what this all might mean.

Show notes

The warning signs of COVID-19 and health service overwhelm

Making excuses for ourselves…

Our individual and societal responsibilities

Paying attention to how you are feeling

Do the neck check!

Good nutrition

Heart disease and cancer kill way more people than COVID-19 and are preventable and treatable with exercise

No more powerful medicine than exercise

Any organism has a carrying capacity

We are in this together

Bettering yourself through education

Popping to the shop in Africa

Fighting this war from the coach, binging Netflix and don’t do anything stupid!

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