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059: Louise Burke on keeping nutrition practical

The next few special episodes of the podcast will break away from the normal regularity as we capture, produce and air some relevant content to the COVID-19 crisis.

In this episode I talk to Professor Louise Burke, Chief of Nutrition Strategy at The Australian Institute of Sport, where she has led the nutrition support work for Australia since 1990. Louise is certainly one of the world’s leading dieticians, has been there and done it but uniquely has outstanding achievements in applied sport and research. I caught up with Louise to ask her about some of the big things people can be doing to ensure a healthy diet to support immune function and support training during the COVID-19 crisis and what people can do when their normal food choices aren’t necessarily available in the supermarkets anymore. I also take a brief opportunity to ask Louise about her key experiences and lessons learnt from an illustrious career in support of elite performance at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Show notes

The new normal for a while – perhaps we can think about what is important and what isn’t…to recalibrate, during COVID-19

Team Australia, what are they up to now?

Grateful for an extra year to prepare for Tokyo 2021

Why we eat what we eat?

Disordered eating during this COVID-19 crisis

The complexity of habits beliefs and behaviours around diet

What can we do in these uncertain times to ensure we are nutritionally looking after ourselves

Planning menus for a week being more resourceful with the ingredients we have

This is a great time for exercise and ensuring nutrition supports health

The change in the Australian Institute of Sport

Supernova research camp

Project Supernova lack of resources ensured that Louise needed to find a new way or working

Having a good relationship with athletes and coaches

Periodising carbohydrate

Making the coaches and athletes part of the team


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