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062: Steve Ingham on new The First Hurdle

I’m excited to share, in this special episode, 7 key principles from my new book The First Hurdle on applying and interviewing for jobs in sports performance (and the sub-text here too is for those doing the interviewing too).

The First Hurdle is a guide to searching, applying and interviewing for jobs in sports performance and is now available to buy for kindle or other e-reader here

In this episode I share the motivations behind the book; a story about my first interview experience alongside the England Football team; and 7 key principles that people would be wise to follow (including one message, principle number 7, for the interviewers)

  • Be yourself! why and how you need to be true to yourself
  • Can you do the job? How to emphasise your employability by focusing on their needs.
  • De-clutter! Focus your attention on the areas that really matter. Would you put on all the clothes in your wardrobe to go out to a party?
  • Add structure to your answers. How ‘and’ ruins interview answers.
  • The importance of holistic view on communication, not just what we say but how we say it. We need to
  • It’s not about you! The importance of focusing your answers on how you can influence others and your ability to work in teams. The Superheroes and the mice!
  • (If you’re interviewing people) Don’t be an arse! By all means push people, but you have a responsibility to people, profession and an industry. You should develop your interviewing skills such that you’re able to inspire someone’s development, not humiliate them. Take your responsibility as an interviewer seriously and inspire people.

The First Hurdle book is now available to buy, both as an ebook and paperback;

  • Here’s a look at the contents;
  • Runners and hurdlers: Introduction
  • One principle: You can’t be anybody else
  • Get out of your own head: What interviewers think about
  • Target practice: Finding the right job
  • Looking good on paper: CVs and cover letters
  • The warm-up: Interview preparation
  • First contact: The start of the interview
  • Xs and Ys: The question that differentiates
  • Clarity, clarity, clarity: Structuring your answers
  • Team: Can you work with other people?
  • Who are you?: The importance of self-awareness
  • Sprint finish: How to finish an interview
  • Eyeing the competition: Group interviews
  • Show me: Practical tests
  • Virtual reality: Video pitching and online interviews
  • Climbing the ladder: Interviews for managers and leaders
  • The feedback loop: Getting advice; win, lose or draw
  • A final word for interviewers and interviewees
  • Appendix 1: Unpaid internships
  • Appendix 2: An overview of career routes
  • About the author
  • More from Steve

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