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063: Rob Pacey on creating content

In this episode I spoke to Rob Pacey. Rob runs one of the most successful podcasts in Sport, the aptly named Pacey performance podcast, which focuses on strength and conditioning and training. He has curated close to 300 episodes since 2015 featuring some of the leading names in aspects of conditioning.

In this discussion I was curious to find out what inspired Rob to begin recording episodes, and how he took the plunge. What Rob didn’t have at the time was a reputation to lean upon, he just went for it, with an infectious spirit summed up in the phrase, “Well I could do that”, or at least I could try. That optimistic spirit shines through about wanting to network, create connections, learn from people and contributing. In a cluttered world of online content we can learn from Rob’s lessons of being consistent, showing up for people and ultimately creating something of value. While he didn’t have a reputation when he first started, he does now!

Show notes

  • Dreams of becoming a professional footballer
  • Realisations of having optimised his performance
  • The loss felt when ending the pursuit of becoming a professional
  • Importance of education as another outlet
  • Mini business charging for football training
  • Finding work as a ‘fitness guy’
  • Getting an opportunity because people trusted him
  • Transition to the commercial world working for Catapult
  • Benefitting from other podcasts and thinking, “I could do that!”
  • Leading me to the realisation that this would be a great networking opportunity
  • Becoming the podcast guy
  • The strongest guests are the ones who you can have a drink with and who can talk hard science
  • Developing buy-in is a critical theme
  • Creating a resource for people to add value
  • Getting the specifics out from guests, there’s a lot of assumed knowledge
  • What has Rob learned. Editing audio, social media material, but also anticipating and communicating what the audience want to hear – becoming in tune with the industry
  • Authenticity to who you are and aware of what you communicate on social media


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