Chris Rosimus

073: Chris Rosimus on relationships

This week’s guest is Chris Rosimus, Chris is the Head of Nutrition at the Football Association, leading all aspects of dietary provision to the England football teams. Prior to that Chris was nutritionist at England and Wales Cricket Board, English Institute of Sport and England Squash.

What was fascinating about this conversation was the route that Chris followed, which you might consider unconventional, if there is such a thing as a conventional route. Chris essentially followed his passions and interests, and what you’ll hear from Chris is how through chance, through his own connection with his experiences and through his intuition, he honoured the ideas that have sparked deep enthusiasm by pursuing them. At the centre of all of these discussions is one recurring theme that Chris has respected and protected during his career, one theme that has enabled him to influence a whole host of elite players and coaches – and that is relationships.

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Show Notes

Chris’ unique route into nutrition, 6 months as an apprentice gas engineer, 6 months making conservatory roofs, 6 years as an alarm engineer

Football coach for kids

Progressing to coaching badges which sparked an interest in nutrition

Chris reflects on how much he has changed

Taking the leap in applying for a nutrition course

A foundation year and learning to be academic and use a USB stick

Chris had a plan and knew he needed experience

First time doing a one-to-one session and struggling!

Common characteristics of a nutritional role

Feeling under pressure, being supported but having to work very hard to survive

Preparing a team for a major event

Having something positive to sell

Research and reading to stay on top of your game

Perceived traits of effective practice



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