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074: Peter Vint on data, culture and athlete development

This week’s guest is Peter Vint. I’d got in touch with Peter with the full intention of discussing analytics, and the trend towards data and to fully explore the wave of interest, activity and investment in capture, understanding and use of information – and we do explore this especially as he has directed and delivered this function at the highest level at the USOC and in the Ineos sub 2 hour marathon project with Eliud Kipchoge. And now peter is Chief of Sport at USA Volleyball – so has a much broader leadership role.

But I can’t say we spent the whole conversation discussing data – that’s because Peter is such an interesting person that we ended up exploring adapting to the pandemic, culture, long-term athlete development to name a few areas. So I promise you I’ll be exploring information and data in more detail in future episodes, but in the meantime enjoy a free ranging conversation with someone who over the last ten years of knowing Peter, it’s become apparent to me, that he is a luminary, a source of deep insight and knowledge and philosophy.

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Show notes 

As Chief of Sport at USA Volleyball Peter discusses how COVID affecting the year?

The culture of pay-to-play in youth sport

What could, and should, youth sport look like?

Peter discusses the need of sports people to achieve something very special and the technology that supports these feats

The gap between what we know and what we have and how do we make it useful and impactful

The Ineos Project

Deterministic approach becomes probabilistic


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