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078: Lizzy Yarnold on talent, ownership of performance and team

This week I speak with Lizzy Yarnold. Lizzy is double Olympic Champion in that chilled out sporting event Bob Skeleton. Lizzy was spotted through a talent identification scheme, selected to be part of the development team for skeleton racing and rose to competitive on the world stage, World Cup winner and took the Olympic gold in Sochi in 2014.

Lizzy discusses the journey towards that gold, how she was able to channel some of the talents she already had, how she could focus under pressure and take the step to the highest heights in the sport. 

She also discusses burning out, needing to take time out from the grind of the sport to orient herself to what is important to her and so refresh herself to take a different approach to trying to win again in Pyeongchang in 2018, which she did, but with a flurry of physical and mental challenges.

Lizzy is thoughtful, fun, softly spoken, ever recognising the collective contribution of those who supported her to perform – but what’s always present is a steal, grit, commitment to being a student of her craft her event, and a fiendish ability to compete.

Show notes

Sharing her experience through the selection process for skeleton via Girls for Gold 

Trying to fit in and get her foot in the door with Skeleton

Lizzy can switch on her competitive focus

The bleakness of training

Lizzy discusses her winning run in Sochi

The support team and how they were paramount to her success

Lizzy discusses her burnout as an athlete

Becoming more than ‘an athlete’

The critical review and ownership of training

Life after skeleton


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