Alan Murchison Michelin star chef

080: Alan Murchison on Michelin star performance

In this episode I speak to Alan Murchison. Alan currently runs a business called the Performance Chef, providing support to a host of sports, teams and executives in providing their food, their fuel and flavours. Alan does this from a unique stand point of credibility as he is a chef, a Michelin starred chef – in fact in his heyday he ran the 10 in 8 Fine Dining Group, where he oversaw four Michelin starred restaurants. This is where we centre the discussion on entering into the world of fine dining, the talents required both in the chef and the chef training the chefs. We discuss the standards and meticulous preparation required, and whether the old fashion rollocking is fair game in the heat of a kitchen. Alan discusses the pursuit of the Michelin star, how he approached it, and without describing it here and now an intriguing section about what happened after he was awarded it.

There is an intensity to Alan’s approach that seems perfectly aligned to the getting stuff done, setting the bar high and driving others to success and what you might expect from some of the portrayals you would have seen in the media about the dynamics of operating in an elite kitchen. At the heart of my feelings during this conversation – I could feel Alan’s energy, compulsion for better that I (and it might be my inclination) but I can completely see why he led others to excellence. A fascinating discussion – but it made me a bit hungry so have a snack or two on hand.

Show notes

  • Alan discusses his background and where he started washing pots in kitchens from the age of 14
  • The familial atmosphere and vibe of a kitchen – it escalated!
  • A trial at a Michelin star restaurant, tough, hard work, no fun – it was all about excellence.
  • What is the progression from pot washer to chef
  • Culinary biomechanics!
  • Diligent creativity is a rare quality but important for a Michelin chef
  • Alan discusses his vision of excellence
  • Alan discusses his ideas of non competition & everyone being a winner!
  • What does Alan define as excellence?
  • The vagaries surrounding gaining a Michelin star
  • Alan realised he was unemployable
  • Utter focus on perfection and then falling out of love with cooking
  • Michelin star or nothing Food that is fit for athlete and fit for purpose
  • Developing online nutritional content for the athlete


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