Ama Agbeze netball

081: Ama Agbeze on belief

This week’s guest is Ama Agbeze, former England Netball captain. Ama Led the team to perhaps the England Teams’s greatest success, winning the Commonwealth Gold medal.

I was keen to ask Ama about her leadership of the team, what was different in the lead up, the preparation and in the moments of performing under the pressure of playing the hosts in 2018. I was also intrigued by Ama’s own individual style as the leader, what were her expectations and influences and how has Ama coped after the high, and coping with lows of missing out on selection from the team altogether last year. A situation that affected her mental health.

Ama is strikingly candid, open and frank as well as curious and insightful about her experiences. It struck me that these qualities were assets that enabled her as a leader in bringing people together and empowering her team to move forward. But in experiencing moments where she struggled but has been active in communicating that – I expect she’s doing exactly the same – connecting and empowering others to move forward.

Show notes

  • Ama’s move from New Zealand to England temporarily stopped by COVID
  • Background to Ama’s netball career
  • Natural ability helps but hard work gets you there
  • The difference is sport participation across countries
  • Having faith in your ability to win as a team
  • Talking fitness, strength, playing matches internationally and beating them & confidence
  • How to create belief
  • Ama’s style as a leader
  • The selection/deselection process
  • The effect of deselection on Ama
  • Which techniques have helped Ama?
  • The importance of routine
  • Factors that allowed the team to take the gold medal
  • The shock of winning
  • Looking forward


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