Glyn Howatson

083: Glyn Howatson on recovery and adaptation

This week’s guest is Glyn Howatson, Professor of Human & Applied Physiology at Northumbria University. Glyn’s specialist subject is recovery but its recovery with a purpose and that is to optimise neuromuscular adaptation. I spoke to Glyn to try to cut through some of the noise, make sense of an area that has to all intents and purposes exploded in interest over the last few decades. As you’ll hear from the conversation – recovery, training planning, and interventions are dependent on context, timing, circumstance, demand – which can at times make this subject feel like a bit of Rubiks cube. But what Glyn does really well and he has done for as long as I’ve known him – he helps make the complex simple and with that practicable – which for me is a signal of true expertise in the area.


Show notes

Glynn gives a mini intro to who he is and his interest in recovery

Steve discusses his experience of recovery 

Training more cleverly on an individual basis particularly in team sports

The Seb Coe training volume story

Reorganisation of training programmes and allowing time for adaptation

The ‘interference effect’ and how to get around it

What can enhance recovery and snake oil!

Hormesis and the training dose

Doing the basics well

Cherry juice, caffeine, 

The inverted U!



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