Martin Buchheit and George Perry

092: Martin Buchheit & George Perry on ego in high performance

In this week’s conversation I speak to Martin Buchheitt and George Perry authors of their upcoming book “Egoals” (a blend of Ego and goals), the subtitle being, “Exercising your ego in high-performance environments”. Martin has been a real leader in applied sports science and research particularly in team sports and George is a track coach and writer based in the US. They’ve teamed up to explore the notion of how we manage, utilise and harness our sense of self, identity and achievement in roles which are inherently in support of others achieving. They have done this with a powerful collection of interviews and reflections from support staff from around the world with an accumulated experience level of over 2000 years.

Their writing and reflections resonated deeply with me and yet the conversation challenged me. There is an urge for us to be a little bolder with the experiences and insights we need to find ways not to get ahead of ourselves. There is a balance to be had, a tightrope, almost a dil for which we have to find a better way to manage. Martin and George’s exploration of ego is a valuable contribution to our craft.

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