Laurence Halstead

097: Laurence Halsted on becoming a true athlete

This week’s guest is Laurence Halsted. Laurence is a former Olympic fencer, having competed at the London and Rio Olympics. Laurence retired after the Rio Olympics and is currently Performance Director of Danish Fencing. 

Since retiring as an athlete Laurence has been supporting athletes in a bold new way to support the whole athlete, through holistic thinking, mentoring, developing self-awareness, care and mental health. He’s done this work with a company called The True Athlete Project and he has just published a book by the same title which lays out – in a very clear, logical inspirational and practical way.


  • Laurence explains a little of the fencing rules
  • Performance Director for the Danish fencing team
  • Post Games how do you debrief athletes?
  • How to offset conditions to create change in sport
  • The definition of a ‘true’ athlete
  • ‘The second arrow’ & mentoring
  • Mindfulness as a starting point


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