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101: John Kiely on questioning conventions

The podcast is BACK! We’re delighted to be back and we’ve got some great conversations ahead for you!

We’ve taken a bit of a break and now we’re recording again

Expect to hear from great scientist, coaches and athletes. Unique to the podcast we’ll still be speaking those people outside of sport who are performers themselves or have insights that can inform what we do. We’ll also be adding more voices from entrepreneurs out there; both business builder and consultants. We think the world has shifted in the way we work and we want to lean into hearing from people about making a living by selling what you know and can do.

This week on the podcast I speak to Senior Lecturer Performance and Innovation at the University of Limerick. John has an incredible background as a combat athlete, strength and conditioning coach and leader of high performance teams, with extensive experience in athletics.

But over the last 15 years or so John has thought deeply about the principles with which we work, especially around the area of periodisation and athlete preparation. His publications in this area have provoked a rethink about the whole paradigm – leading me to wonder just how many of the concepts we think are foundational don’t have great foundations at all?

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