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105: David Joyce on decision making

This weeks guest is David Joyce.

David is a physiotherapist by trade but over the last decade or so David has carved himself out as a strategic thinker, advisor, and developer of teams and leaders. He has learned his craft at the cold face in numerous systems based in Europe and Asia as a practitioner but his curiosity has led him to undertake some fascinating research in the area of strategic decision-making. And from this basis he has developed some real critical insights, informed by breadth of reading, discovery and application about how we make decisions. He now advises sports and businesses around the world through his own consultancy.

David is a super shrewd thinker who stretched my own thinking – so I learned loads in this conversation.

To many of you though David is the coeditor of The book high-performance training for sports and I’m just acknowledging that now because it’s worth bearing that in mind as you listen to the discussion, because David is still embedded in high-performance yet he has followed his interests, spread his wings and developed a unique set of skills and insights that he is applying well beyond sport.

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