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106: Abbie Eaton on women’s motor racing, injury and pushing boundaries

Abbie Eaton is a racing driver having competed in a range of Series’ including the Mazda supercup, Super 2 series, 2 x British Champion and notably in the W series. She is also a test driver on the series The Grand tour. In this discussion Abbie talks about carving out a career as a woman in a male dominated sport, she shares her drive, personal ambitions to not only compete but to manage everything, from sponsors, to training, recovering from serious injury, to earning an income away from racing as a driving coach. This really encapsulates where the women’s sport is at the moment with top talent having to cope themselves, make things work as best they can, while staying competitive.

For me this is an insight into the mind and pursuit of a pioneer. I listen to many of the lionesses recently thank all of the women who grafted to make their current rise in popularity possible and I think of people like Abbie – making it happen for herself but also taking the sport forward.

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