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112: Lucy Gossage on triathlon, training and supporting cancer patients

This week’s guest is Dr Lucy Gossage

Lucy is a triathlete and doctor and on underpinning that a phenomenal person.

Lucy started her career almost by accident, just trying out in triathlon for fun, then got the bug, entering her first ironman and steadily realising that she could go pro and taking 12 Ironman titles. In between swimming, biking and running, Lucy studied medicine at Cambridge, where she also undertook PhD in kidney cancer and is now a consultant oncologist at Nottingham University Hospital

We talk about how it all started for Lucy, her rise to being pro, how she managed the effort of medical and triathlon training. We discuss how she preferred not to overcomplicate her training, keeping things simple and unfussy, in this case not use a scientific approach.

We also discuss her career as a cancer doctor, how this gave her perspective through the hard days training and racing, how she copes working with patients suffering each day and how she is campaigning through the charity ‘5k your way’ a community based initiative encouraging those living with cancer to stay physically active.


Lucy Gossage

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