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116: Kate Hays on the psychology of the Lionesses

This week’s guest is Dr Kate Hays

Kate is Head of Women’s Performance Psychology at The English FA

Kate is just about as richly experienced a practitioner and leader in sports psychology as you are likely to meet. Kate has worked on the Front line in Olympic sport, in particular in the sport of diving, working with Olympic Champion Tom Daley; she has worked in professional rugby at Harlequins RFC and as a leader Kate was the Head of Psychology at the English Institute of Sport.

In this conversation I speak to Kate about her experiences in support of the England women’s team in the lead up and during the winning run at the European Championships. Kate shares the insights into handling the pressure, embracing the excitement and buzz of the tournament while staying in control and delivering to the plan. Kates shares the characteristics that you should be interested in developing if you’re interested in developing a winning culture, some of which are non-negotiables and some of which are created from within.

If you’re listening in because you want to hear what went on behind the scenes for the Lionesses, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you’re tuning in to hear about what makes a successful team, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you are tuning in to hear about a great performance psychologist works, how psychology support has evolved from one-to-one, behind closed doors work to on-pitch, integrated and woven into the fabric everything a great team does – then you won’t be disappointed.


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