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119: Jean Gomes leading self and others

This week’s guest is Jean Gomes.

Jean is a New York best-selling author and a business consultant to 100s of CEOs and businesses. He is CEO and founder of Outside who utilise the latest research to support and develop wellbeing, leadership and organisational culture. His clients over the years include Google, Nike, Schneider, BMW, Tik Tok, but also includes the Lawn Tennis Association, UK Sport and Manchester City.

In his new book ‘Leading in a Non-Linear World’ Jean delves into the latest research into mindset and how we’ve been limping along with an outdated definitions for years – making the case that it is more than just the beliefs and mental models that we carry. We get into this idea in our discussion and explore self-awareness, how we need to be more aware of how our emotions are formed, how to build a healthier, more agile mindset, the value of interoception and perspectives of resilient people. Ultimately this is a book about self-management – how we lead ourselves so that we’re better able to lead others. This is a concept that is central to everything we do at Supporting Champions.

Jean brings a lucidity to the work that he does, he strives to be more human and connected in how he creates and supports others to high-performance and interestingly over the years he has evolved as a consultant and as a leader. You’ll get a sense of this is our discussion – how he’s stayed abreast of research, thought about what he’s seeing and observing and curated ideas to help others – kind of like the best applied scientists!

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