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120: Sian Allen on wearable technology

This week’s guest is Sian Allen.

Sian is a vastly experienced performance scientist having worked at the English, Scottish and New Zealand Institute of Sports. Sian received her PhD in Statistical Modelling of Sports Performance from Aukland University of Technology, while working with British and New Zealand swimming teams. Sian headed up the performance intelligence work for the New Zealand Sorts system, carving out data informed insights into how, what, where, when and who new Zealand athletes and teams could gain an advantage. She is now at Lululemon – an athletic apparel company that designs, distributes, and retails athletic apparel and accessories.

Beyond this Sian, has been creating some fascinating insights and sharing them on Twitter about wearable technology, with a blend of data-driven observations about herself, research based insights and questions and ideas about how us humans interact, benefit, misuse and get confused by the various devices that we purchased and stick on on ourselves in an attempt to measure various variables. Sian shares her motivations for developing content, the key insights she has gained which monitoring devices she has found to be the best for monitoring sleep, heart rate and activity; as well as a look into the future about where technology is headed and whether with the advent of AI, we’re going to be interacting with human support.

I should also mention that Sian is our course tutor for the Supporting Champions Performance Analysis course – so if that is your thing and your interested in the course, it is just a superb digest of 10 lessons running you through how to take a data-informed approach to improving athlete performance! Sian shares a little bit about her motivations for the course and how it is helping practitioners from all fields harness the power of data.

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