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122: Nigel Adkins on the demands on the modern football manager

This week’s guest is Nigel Adkins. Nigel is a former professional football player, coach and manager. He’s also trained as a physiotherapist, so not only does he have experience of playing coaching but also has been part of the backroom staff too.

Nigel is sharing, describing, and supporting others through the demands placed upon modern managers. He is passionate about helping others realise that the managers identity, worth and health should not necessarily be impacted upon due to the role of coaching at the top end.

However Nigel does describe the prevailing philosophy in football clubs being that if they don’t win the manager is likely to get sacked. We get into this in the conversation and discuss what you can do and take ownership for, the right and wrongs of this approach and what might help you as a modern manager thrive in this world where you might not have much time to do your best work.


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