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125: Sophia Jowett on the coach – athlete relationship

In today’s episode we’re exploring a topic that sits at the very heart of performance, yet is often overlooked: the coach-athlete relationship. And I couldn’t think of anyone better to discuss this with than our guest, Sophia Jowett. 

Sophia is a leading expert in the field, known for her extensive research and innovative models that explore the dynamics between coaches and athletes. She’s got a knack for breaking down complex ideas into memorable acronyms and alliterations, making the science not just accessible but also unforgettable.

We’ll be delving into how the landscape of coaching has evolved over the years, the psychological underpinnings of a successful coach-athlete relationship, and even the challenges and conflicts that can arise. We’ll also touch on the broader implications of her work, including parallels in the business world and the evolving role of coaches.

This is essential listening for anyone working with coaches and athletes!

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