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126: Brad Schoenfeld on muscle growth and challenging practice with evidence

Today, we’re venturing into the ever-evolving world of strength, power, and muscle growth. I’m thrilled to introduce our guest, Brad Schoenfeld, who hails from Lehman College  in New York and is a luminary in the field of strength and conditioning.

Brad is not just an academic, he is an applied scientist and advisor. But in his work he is true to the principles of science in that while he advises people based on sound principles, as evidenced in the literature, if that evidence evolves his advice evolves. 

His research has done just that so much so that some find the findings to be disruptive or challenging. His groundbreaking research has been shaking up long-held beliefs and sparking animated debates among athletes, coaches, and scientists alike. If you’ve ever questioned the conventional wisdom around strength training, today’s episode is your gateway to the latest evidence-based practices.

We’ll be navigating through the shifts that have occurred in strength and conditioning research over the past 15 years, the controversies that have emerged, and the practical implications for athletes across various disciplines. We’ll also delve into the nitty-gritty of training mechanisms and session structures.

I’m excited for you to benefit from this episode whether you are looking to adapt your training or tune into how a scientist is driving development in a field.


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