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133: James Collins on applied nutrition

In our latest episode of Supporting Champions, we had the opportunity to engage in a fascinating conversation with James Collins, recognised as a leading Sport & Exercise Nutritionist. In elite sport he has worked with Team GB Olympic teams and athletes over three Olympic Games. He joined Arsenal Football Club in 2010, where he spent seven seasons as the club’s first performance nutritionist. He has worked as a consultant with England Football, France Football (2018 World Cup winners), and is currently a consultant with Chelsea FC. He was a project lead of an international team of 31 authors to produce the ‘UEFA Expert Group Statement on Nutrition in Elite Football‘, the best practice guidelines within the sport, published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM).

James is Managing Director of INTRA Performance Group working with talent from elite sport and entertainment from their Harley Street clinic. He was previously elected President of The Royal Society of Medicine’s Food and Health Forum and is author of the acclaimed book ‘The Energy Plan‘ (Penguin Random House).

Throughout our discussion, James shares his journey into the world of sports nutrition, providing insights into his experiences and the lessons he’s learned along the way. His unique perspective, shaped by years of working with both individual athletes and team sports, offered a deeper understanding of the diverse nutritional strategies required in different sporting contexts. James has in recent years begun to branch out and apply his nutritional advice to businesses and take on interesting individual cases including a musician taking to one of the main stages in Glastonbury last year, the parallels between athletes and musicians seemingly not too dissimilar.