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134: Dr Alison Maitland & Jenna Ashford on Drop The Struggle

In this episode, we’re exploring the themes of mindfulness, acceptance, and actionable confidence with authors Dr. Alison Maitland and Jenna Ashford, as they discuss their latest book, ‘Drop the Struggle.’

This thought-provoking work challenges readers to embrace discomfort, engage with the present, and focus on what truly matters. Alison and Jenna bring a wealth of experience to the table, and they start by sharing their backgrounds, providing context for the insights that follow.

The book’s central message encourages moving beyond the confines of positive thinking, advocating for a more nuanced approach to personal and professional challenges.

The conversation delves into the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a framework that underpins the book’s philosophy. Alison and Jenna address the natural human tendencies of nerves, comparison, and competition, reframing these as part of our survival mechanism.

Key skills and perspectives from ‘Drop the Struggle’ are highlighted, including the concept that our thoughts are merely words and pictures, not dictates that we must follow.

The authors also discuss the transformative power of acceptance and the importance of aligning actions with values, rather than solely seeking happiness or adherence to rules.

What I really enjoyed about this discussion was the insights into changing habits, embracing setbacks, and the ‘Do What Matters’ matrix—a tool for identifying priorities and overcoming obstacles.

I hope if you are struggling, wrangling and tussling with stresses and thoughts that are unhelpful that this discussion can help.


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