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135: David Robson on The Intelligence Trap

In this episode I speak to David Robson, an award-winning science journalist. David’s insightful exploration into the realms of cognitive psychology and human behaviour, particularly in his books ‘The Intelligence Trap’ and ‘The Expectation Effect,’ offers a fresh perspective on how our minds work, especially in high-performance environments.

David’s journey in science journalism has led him to uncover fascinating aspects of human intelligence and the surprising pitfalls that even the brightest minds can encounter. In this conversation we explore some of the many concepts that David surfaces in his books, such as ‘dysrationalia,’ a term that challenges our understanding of the expert mind, and explore the balance between evidence-based wisdom and the ever-present risk of misinformation.

We’ll also discuss David’s approach to identifying and navigating the minefield of lies and misinformation, a skill increasingly crucial in our information-saturated world. His insights on the dichotomy of genius types and the controversial topic of multiple intelligences are thought-provoking to say the least.

In ‘The Expectation Effect,’ David examines how our beliefs and expectations can shape our reality, a concept with profound implications in the world of sports and high performance. We’ll discuss the nuances of this effect, including the power of the placebo, the importance of mindset, and the intriguing concept of eustress for longevity and performance.

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