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136: Andrew Rogers on Mental Health Development

Joining me this week is Andrew Rogers, a Chartered Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist with over two decades of experience spanning elite sport, business, healthcare, prison services and more. As co-director of Changing Minds UK, Andrew brings a real wealth of knowledge on the psychological aspects of high performance, resilience, and emotional wellbeing.

In our conversation, we focus on mental health for sports performers, exploring the unique challenges they face and how coaches and support staff can play a pivotal role in their wellbeing. 

Andrew is a guide for me as I attempt to ask pertinent questions, know that I don’t know enough in this area and that I am as liable to make a mis-step, due to a growing, evolving and increasingly conversant landscape of mental health. Andrew, fortunately is a leading expert and sheds light on how awareness, stigma, and literacy have changed over the years and what that mean for us all.

We discuss the specific mental health challenges encountered in the high-pressure environment of sports, how these challenges shift with escalating competition, and strategies for acclimatising to stress. 

Andrew also shares insights on supporting young athletes and navigating the fine line between encouraging perseverance and recognising when to pull back.

This episode is about understanding mental health in a sporting context, gaining literacy in this area, and reflecting on how we can all contribute to a healthier, more supportive environment for athletes. But whether you’re a coach, a parent, or anyone interested in the intersection of psychology and performance, perhaps for your own performance, I’m sure this discussion with Andrew Rogers will be helpful as well as illuminating.


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