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140: Mehdi Kordi on focussing on what matters

In this episode, we spotlight the journey and insights of Mehdi Kordi. With a rich and varied background, from biomedical science, to aerospace physiology, to accountancy, to mice in the Andes (yes you heard me correctly), then ultimately into a career in sports science and eventually coaching at the elite end of cycling. First Mehdi was at British Cycling as the sports scientist and hen coach at British Cycling, working with the Para team to Tokyo Games. 

Then Mehdi moved onto the Dutch National Cycling Federation and is currently creating outstanding success, in his role success as Head Coach (Track Sprint). When I say outstanding success, Mehdi truly encapsulates getting bang for the buck, that is in sports like cycling a mix of technology and human performance, generally the more money yoo put in the better your results. 

Mehdi and his small team have created disproportionate success by focusing on what matters most. Think ‘Massive Gains’ rather than ‘Marginal Gains’. Mehdi’s experiences offer a rare glimpse into the high-performance delivered with imagination, creativity, priority and constraints led innovation. 

So, irrespective of whether you like cycling or not, and if you do there is some juicy detail about riding a kilometer very fast, Mehdi’s insights are more about a way of thinking and working, that breaks the mould, of more is better, that could be applied to a range of systems, teams and pursuits.

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